Dose Safety Controller

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Peace of Mind

Automated dosing designed to maintain safe blood glucose levels at all times, even following meals without patient intervention.

Builds Patient Trust

Smooth transitioning between automated closed loop glucose control and manual control using conventional basal/bolus pump therapy.


Patient may override automated control at any time, using the familiar pump user interface.

Patient Personalized

Uses real-time patient specific machine learning capabilities.

Physician Friendly

Allows easier initiation of automated therapy by physician.

Product-Ready Software

Embedded DSC software app will run on Android and Apple smartphones and programmable chips on insulin pumps. Small program size uses minimal battery power. The FL dosing algorithm software now runs on an ultra low power MCU chip.

Other Software Products

Modular software construction allows rapid reconfiguration to create smartphone apps and other value-added diabetes devices.
All benefits and clinical evidence mentioned have been gathered from our JDRF and NIH funded clinical trials and in-house system testing.